Mountains of Salt In Our Wastewater?

The Salt Miner:
Solving the Salt Problem

and Improving Our Water Supply

What is a Salt?

When measuring for salt in water, it is NOT just about the sodium chloride table salt we immediately think of, but includes a plethora of other Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) that can cause problems in our water supply.

The Salt

Human activity, ironically including water treatment, is making our water supply saltier and saltier. This salt pollution is causing a variety of issues ranging from water treatment costs to environmental threats.

The Salt Miner

The Salt Miner system targets a primary source of salt contamination by removing salt from brine streams: allowing for water conservation & recycling, and preventing salt from entering the wastewater system.

Salt is Water’s
Gray Rhino

The Gray Rhino, a book by Michelle Wucker, is about kicking the can down the road on important but less urgent issues. Salt is water’s Gray Rhino. We know it’s a problem but don’t know how to deal with it without negatively impacting us. Salt in wastewater is a public policy matter. Dealing with it would likely result in a political backlash, so it isn’t dealt with even though the warnings and evidence are clear.

The Salt Miner provides a solution with minimum pain to society – we continue to enjoy the benefits of water treatment while mitigating the negative impact of the salt in wastewater.

Our Planet's Water Is FINITE.

CIP It!Conserve It, Improve It, Protect It!

Why The Salt Miner?

Addressing Water’s Gray Rhino

In the face of the looming and overlooked threat posed by increasing amounts of salt in wastewater, The Salt Miner is a pragmatic solution. The Salt Miner is a simple add-on system that removes salt from wastewater at the source to keep it from overloading our wastewater treatment system.

Unlike other approaches to keeping salt out of the wastewater system that create political backlash and societal disruption, The Salt Miner efficiently removes salt at the source while allowing users to continue operating as they have. Employing a unique process involving vacuum, electrical current, and condensation, this innovative system effectively removes the salt from wastewater, allowing the reclaimed water to be directly reused onsite eliminating the need to transport the water to the WWTP and then back to another user.

The Water Value Cycle

and How the Salt Miner Fits In

The Salt Miner team developed the “Water Value Cycle” to illustrate the range of opportunities to invest in water. Our team has expertise in many aspects including water rights, municipal & industrial water & wastewater treatment, water conservation, water policy & management. The team has experience in contract management & quality control.

The Salt Miner helps the System Treatment & End User Services segments protect water, prevent pollution & conserve & recycle water.


By mitigating the negative impacts of salt in wastewater, The Salt Miner offers an impactful solution for safeguarding water quality and protecting the environment.


Removing salt from industrial wastewater ensures water quality back into the water value cycle, reduces pollution, promotes sustainability, and more.


Federal and state wastewater regulations are increasingly stringent to manage and reduce the growing issues with salt discharge, particularly from water softeners.

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