How The Salt Miner Can Remove Salt From Water Softener Brine

  • The Salt Miner sits between the brine source & the drain – testing has been conducted on brines 5 times saltier than the ocean and has produced water below the drinking water standard of 500 ppm
  • The brine goes into “the flash vessel”
  • A vacuum is created to lower the boiling point
  • Standard 120 AC electrical current is passed through the brine – the higher the salinity level the more conductive the brine optimizing efficiency
  • Heat is added causing the water to vaporize “out of the brine”
  • The steam rises and is collected as low TDS water in the “condensation chamber”
  • The condensation chamber is surrounded by a “bath” of good water that is re-circulated & sprayed on the condensation chamber to cool it thus accelerating the process & lowering operational costs
  • When the batch is fully treated the system shuts off & the good water is discharged or re-used & the salt is collected in the “salt bucket”
  • The salt bucket is emptied as needed for disposal or recycling
remove salt from water softener brine

Alternative Brine Management Options

  • Hauling brine to permitted disposal sites – costs more, wastes the water & pollutes the air
  • Deep well injection – costs more, causes seismic issues (earthquakes have been reported)

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