About The Salt Miner

  • The principals in The Salt Miner have extensive experience in:
    • The water businesses
      • Commercial & industrial water treatment
      • Residential water softening &, drinking water
      • Municipal water & wastewater treatment & infrastructure design & construction
    • Manufacturing
      • Supply chain management
      • Quality control
      • Cost control
    • Thru those experiences we’ve come to appreciate that we (society) need a better way – one that eliminates the negative consequences of what is otherwise very beneficial water treatment
    • Industrial water & wastewater treatment enables us to enjoy the quality of life we live today with technology once only dreamed of but:
      • Water treatment is often inefficient offering more opportunity for conservation
      • Wastewater treatment is often 1-dimensional preventing one pollutant but allowing others – many wastewater are adjusted for pH but not to lower total dissolved solids
    • Water softeners provide many benefits:
      • Protects the investment homeowners make when buying a home or business makes when building facilities
      • Is essential for many manufacturing processes – there is no tech without softwater
      • Saves money on water heating & cleaning supplies
      • Makes your life easier – as simple as eliminating the need to polish your glasses & stemware in your home or restaurant
      • But the extremely high salt levels of the regenerant cause serious wastewater treatment problems
    • This led us to undertake an effort to find a better mousetrap – a low cost way to prevent salt pollution from softeners & other water & wastewater treatment
    • We have a world-wide license to practice a patent that uniquely integrates several components critical to commercial success – low cost to make & operate along with reliably producing water below the drinking water salt standard
    • Prototype development & testing have produced results
The Salt Miner

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