Why The Salt Miner?

  • It will eliminate salt discharge into the environment
  • Is low cost to build & operate – pay by the gallon to minimize capital expense
  • Works on any brine stream – industrial wastewater, food processing waste, etc.
    • All water treatment generates a “waste” that has to be disposed of:
      • Concentrated wastewater
      • A sludge
      • A replaceable “filter”
    • The Salt Miner fills the void – what to do with the concentrate?
    • The Salt Miner further concentrates the concentrate minimizing wastewater volume of waste & recycling more usable water
    • The saltier the better!!!
  • Retrofits onto any water softener
  • Recycles water on-site eliminating need to haul large volume of liquid – preventing air pollution
  • Eliminates the need for water managers to outlaw water softeners – both new installations & removing the existing installed base
eliminate salt discharge

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