Do I Need a Water Softener Upgrade?

May 29, 2020

Quality, maintenance, and average use are the main factors that affect how long a water softener lasts. Based on these aspects, the average softener lasts 10 to 15 years. It’s great that both commercial and residential users don’t need to replace this beneficial item very often. But, water softener technology and knowledge change so rapidly that you might be wondering if you need a water softener upgrade.

Over the years, water softeners have gone from large to slim. They can now have various types of salt or include readers that send usage information directly to your phone. And, they are certainly more efficient. Also, companies are starting to explore solar-powered softeners as a new way to save energy and money. This greener system is great for water treatment and eliminates the worry of a power outage.

The Ultimate Water Softener Upgrade

Even the new water softener technology doesn’t answer the question of how to get an updated water softener without doing a major overhaul. This is especially true if you’re still in the middle of your softener’s lifespan. Thankfully, the Salt Miner provides a viable water softener upgrade option.

The Salt Miner is the update both industrial businesses and homeowners are looking for. It is a separate system that can be easily added to your existing unit without taking up too much space. This immediate upgrade allows your softener to continue providing the benefits of softened water. And, it protects the environment from salt pollution.

While softeners are great, they all generate wastewater that is contaminated with high amounts of salt. Unfortunately, the salt cannot be removed at a treatment plant. Therefore, re-used water often has salt contamination. The Salt Miner collects the discharge or semi-solid sludge from any water softener so it can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. This water softener upgrade is the easiest because it’s low cost, effective, and you can still use your existing softener without having to replace it. The Salt Miner truly is the answer to how and why to upgrade.

Do You Need A Water Softener Replacement?

As long as you have regular maintenance and follow the schedule for salt replacement, chances are good that you can simply add the Salt Miner to your existing unit. However, if you are worried about your softener’s condition, here are some things to look for:

  1. Dirty dishes and itchy skin
  2. If you have a time-based softener verses a demand initiated softener
  3. Your system is a twin tank and/or is bulky

Each of these indicates that your system is old and should be replaced with a newer one that includes new features and technology upgrades.

Regardless of whether you need a new system or you’re upgrading your existing softener, the Salt Miner retro-fit is the way of the future. And, it’s the best way to move forward.

The Salt Miner is working to REMOVE salt before it enters our wastewater system!

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