The Problem of Salt in Wastewater

  • Sources of salt are many & include sodium chloride (the salt on your table) & all many other chemical “salts” generated in water & wastewater treatment
  • Concentrate from industrial process water & wastewater treatment
  • Cooling tower wastewater (blowdown)
  • Food processing – wastewater from nut roasting, olive processing, cheese production, canning vegetables, etc.
  • Municipal drinking water systems – concentrate from removing Nitrates, Arsenic and other health contaminants
  • Vehicle maintenance – car washes, washing trucks that salt roads for ice control, ets.
  • Oil field produced water
  • Water softeners – the largest source in some communities
    • All tech manufacturing & data centers require high quality water – starts with a softener
    • Hospitals, schools & government buildings, office buildings typically use a softener to protect their HVAC systems
    • Restaurants, coffee shops, laundries & other service providers use softwater
    • Hotels use softener for their laundry, restaurants & HVAC systems
    • Data centers require cooling which requires good water
    salt in wastewater

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