Why The Salt Miner?

  • It’s necessary to eliminate salt contamination. Keeping salts out of wastewater is critical because salt degrades water quality – our future supply
  • Salt reduction is necessary to protect water quality, infrastructure investment (the pipes & pumps used in the wastewater system) & the environment
  • Billions of pounds of salt end up in our wastewater every day
    • Industrial wastewaters contain a variety of salts & are largely regulated today – The Salt Miner is a better alternative than current practices because it will provide on-site treatment, recycling the water for re-use
    • Water softeners alone discharge 3 billion pounds per day – softeners are largely un-regulated currently, but water managers are looking to do something to prevent this pollution – The Salt Miner retrofits onto any softener allowing owners to continue to realize the benefits of their investment
  • Preventing salt from getting into wastewater is less expensive than dealing with them at the end-of-pipe at the wastewater treatment plant
  • Water managers have adopted regulations & need to adopt more
eliminate salt contamination

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