Salt Water Series Part 3: Is There Help For Commercial Water Softeners?

Feb 4, 2020

It’s great to you have join us for Part 3 of our Salt Water Series! Our mission is to provide answers and solutions to consumers’ water softener needs. In the previous blogs, we focused on how the everyday client can feel confident about their softened water. Now, let’s expand the scope of your understanding to commercial use. Large corporations can purposely have a positive effect on the quality of our wastewater and environment, all while supporting their bottom line.

Where are commercial water softeners used?

There are a plethora of companies that require industrial water softeners. Tech companies require the high-quality water they produce. Other industries, such as hotels/resorts, schools, and military bases all use them to better serve their clients. Almost every company that caters to an expansive client base utilizes commercial water softeners.

Water softener regulations

Companies that use industrial softeners are subject to the strict water softener regulations and costs that come with needing such large systems. In fact, most must develop and adhere to a detailed water management plan that can cost thousands to millions of dollars to execute. This is largely due to the fact that  commercial water softeners cause more contaminated saltwater than residential ones.

This is where The Salt Miner comes in! The Salt Miner allows for on-site treatment. This then means that the water can be recycled for re-use. Because The Salt Miner can be retrofitted onto any softener, companies can continue reaping the benefits of softened water without having to manage expensive post-production wastewater pollution. It’s a win-win for all.

How The Salt Miner helps prevent salt contamination

The Salt Miner works by sitting between the brine source and the drain. The brine can then go into ‘the flash vessel’. A vacuum is created to lower the boiling point and a standard 120 AC electrical current is passed through the brine. Next, heat is added so that the water can vaporize and be collected. This collected water is surrounded by good water that is re-circulated and sprayed on to cool the collected water. This accelerates the process and lowers operational costs. When the batch is fully treated, the good water is discharged or re-used. Then, the salt is collected in a ‘salt bucket’ which can then be emptied as needed for disposal or recycling.

This profound new technology will take the water softener of today and carry it into the future. The Salt Miner … good for the environment, great for companies, best for investment.

The Salt Miner is working to REMOVE salt before it enters our wastewater system!

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