Invest In Our Planet With Eco-Friendly Water Treatment Solutions

Apr 22, 2022

Earth Day is celebrated in the spring, with this year’s holiday falling on April 22nd. The theme for this year is ‘Invest In Our Planet’ … a very noble cause. Since we all live here on planet Earth, why not do what we can to protect it so that generations of people in the future can do the same?

What Can YOU Do to Help Preserve Earth’s Valuable Resources?

Unfortunately, none of us has the power to change everything that could be changed in order to make our planet a better place to live for generations to come. However, there are small things we can all do on a daily basis that can add up over time to have a big impact. has a whopping 52 ways you can invest in our planet … we’ve listed a few of our favorites here to get you started.

  1. Be an advocate for climate education. Preserving our planet’s future starts with educating our kids today about current environmental issues. From teaching kids about soil salinity to educating them about renewable energy sources and reducing pollution, there’s so much they can learn that will help them be able to come up with creative solutions as they become adults.
  2. Say ‘no’ to deforestation. Clear cutting of forests around the world can contribute to climate change and environmental degradation. Join or support organizations that believe in harvesting trees in a sustainable way or those like the Canopy Project that plant trees across the globe.
  3. Pick up trash while you’re out for your daily exercise. Do you go for a jog, run, or walk around your neighborhood on a regular basis? Invest in our planet while you’re at it by picking up trash along the way. You’ll make your community look nicer and help to prevent pollution of groundwater and soil in your area.
  4. Reduce your use of plastics. Ditch the plastic water bottle habit and opt for a home drinking water system to get safe, quality drinking water right from your tap. Or, switch to reusable shopping bags instead of those flimsy plastic bags that end up in the trash and eventually, our landfills.
  5. Use eco-friendly fertilizers. Growing your own crops can be a great idea but be sure to do it in an environmentally-friendly way. Remember that whatever you put on or around your plants will eventually make its way into the soil and then our groundwater. Be aware of nitrogen pollution that can happen when nitrogen-based fertilizers or manure are used in heavy concentrations in one particular area.

Invest In Our Planet With the Salt Miner

We believe that the message to ‘invest in our planet’ is one that should be taken to heart every single day of the year, not just on Earth Day. That’s just one reason why we created an eco-friendly soft water solution – the Salt Miner.

While traditional salt-based water softeners discharge high concentrations of salt into the environment, thereby causing salt pollution to soil and groundwater, the Salt Miner provides an easy solution. By ‘mining’ the salt out of the water softener’s brine before it’s discharged, the used salt can be recycled or disposed of responsibly instead of posing an environmental hazard.

Interested in learning more about how the Salt Miner works or how you can be a part of this earth-friendly soft water solution? Contact us today!

The Salt Miner is working to REMOVE salt before it enters our wastewater system!

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