We all know that water softeners can save us time and money. They protect our homes and property, prolong the life of our appliances and have health benefits. They’re also a great way to save energy.

Water softeners work by using salt to replace hard water minerals. The harsh calcium and magnesium ions are removed and exchanged for sodium. While all of that is great, once our water has been softened, all that sodium-filled wastewater flows to our treatment plants. Unfortunately, there’s nothing these facilities can do about the contaminated water. This salt pollution in wastewater creates extremely devastating environmental impacts.

The Effects of Salt Pollution on Plant Growth

Let’s start with some facts. About 33% of the world’s potential agricultural land is polluted with soil salinization and the amount of contaminated farmland grows each year. Land that continually uses irrigation (aka wastewater) that is filled with salt pollution eventually and permanently loses its fertility. Salt burns and desiccates plants. As a result, plants start to have stunted growth, yield less, wither, and eventually die.

Soil salinization is always toxic to plants and will always cause deficiencies. While the amount of damage can vary depending on plant type, exposure, and soil content, there is no workaround for the devastation salt pollution produces on plant growth. We cannot afford to ignore how salt pollution impacts our current and future water supply, our agriculture, and our economy. Additionally, water softeners are not the only source of pollution.

What We Can Do?

The largest way we can have a positive impact is by stopping salt pollution of our wastewater in the first place. This is why California and several other states are imposing water softener bans and fines.

However, The Salt Miner offers a more effective and beneficial alternative to doing away with softeners. We’ve developed a system that can be added on to any existing softener easily and inexpensively. And, it will collect the salt brine being discharged, allowing it to be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

In a business setting, this option saves hundreds of thousands of dollars in waste management. For homeowners, it’s as simple as taking out the trash.

If you are looking to stop or reduce salt pollution, there is no better way than The Salt Miner. By joining together, we can improve plant growth, keep our farmland healthy, and leave the world in better condition than when we found it. Are you ready to make a difference?