Top Water Dealer Frustrations & How the Salt Miner Can Help

May 4, 2022

Are you a water dealer who is frustrated with today’s water treatment products and services? Perhaps you’ve been in the industry for many years or even decades and you haven’t seen much progress. Well, we’re here to tell you that things don’t have to stay the same and there is a way to make forward progress. Let’s look at two prime water dealer frustrations and how we can help.

Problem #1: Difficulty Attracting Potential Customers

This is an especially big problem for water dealers who are ‘stuck in a rut’, or doing things the way they’ve always done. If you’re carrying the same product line year after year, not paying attention to what consumers actually want, you may find that fewer people are attracted to what you have to offer.

Topics like water conservation, safe drinking water, soft water solutions, and quality water are all topics you’ve heard and addressed over the years. And, there’s a great chance that the products you offer do meet some of these needs. However, one thing that today’s consumer is often looking for that many older product lines don’t have is this – environmentally friendliness.

For example, if you sell traditional salt-based water softeners, you may find that there’s less of a demand for them. It’s not because hard water has gone away – far from it. Rather, it’s because local communities have become wise to the salt pollution caused by these softeners and some have outright banned them.

The Salt Miner Solution: The solution is NOT to stop selling water softeners. Dealing with the effects of hard water is a challenge that most homeowners and business owners don’t want to face. As an add-on to any water softener, the Salt Miner offers an eco-friendly soft water solution. It effectively ‘mines’ the salt out of the brine before it’s discharged into the environment. Then, the salt can be disposed of properly or even recycled. The consumer gets soft water and the environment is saved from the detrimental effects of salt contamination. That’s a double win and you might be surprised how many customers you could attract with this solution!

Problem #2: It’s Difficult to Stand Out in the Water Dealer Market

It’s true … There are a variety of water treatment products and services on the market today. With so many options to choose from, how can your company stand out from the competition?

Well, the solution here is a lot like the solution for problem number one. When you listen to the voice of the consumer, provide solutions to problems they have, and offer affordable water treatment products that are environmentally responsible, you’re sure to stand out.

Let’s say you have a commercial client that uses a concentrated brine solution for everyday processes – a textile manufacturer, leather tanner, or food preserver, for example. They have to dispose of the brine after it’s used but how and where they do that is often up for debate, with end-of-pipe treatment being very expensive.

The Salt Miner Solution: In addition to being an add-on for water softeners, the Salt Miner can be used as a cost effective brine management solution. As described previously, it ‘mines’ the salt out of the solution before getting discharged into the environment. What does get discharged as wastewater is free from salt contamination and is therefore much cheaper to treat for other potential contaminants.

Water Dealers: Here’s Your Innovative, Cost Effective, and Environmentally Friendly Soft Water Solution

Instead of being a water dealer that offers the same products as every other water treatment company, how about choosing to go the cost effective, eco-friendly route? To learn more about how the Salt Miner works or how you can make an investment in our water resources for the future, contact us today!

The Salt Miner is working to REMOVE salt before it enters our wastewater system!

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