Who Has the Hardest Water?

Apr 6, 2022

We LOVE to win simple contests, don’t we? Things like who has the best of this or who has the most of that. However, one contest you don’t want to win is the ‘City with the Hardest Water’!

Let’s take a look at what hard water is, where it’s most prevalent, and how to get rid of it in a way that’s good for you AND the environment.

What Is Hard Water?

Generally speaking, hard water is water that contains high levels of minerals, typically calcium and magnesium. Water can be classified several different ways based on its overall hardness: Soft, slightly hard, moderately hard, hard, and very hard. The harder your water is, the more you’ll notice its effects – water spots on dishes and silverware, stains on sinks, tubs and fixtures, and even dry, brittle hair or dry, itchy skin.

Which States Have the Hardest Water?

Although a good portion of the United States (approximately 85%) is known for hard water, some areas are definitely worse than others. The midwestern states like North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa are among those with the hardest water. Not far behind are some of the southwestern states such as California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona.

How Do You Get Rid of Hard Water?

Most homes and businesses rely on using a water softener to eliminate their hard water concerns. Salt-based water softeners remove calcium, magnesium, and other minerals through a process known as ion exchange. As hard water flows through the system, it passes over a bed of resin beads charged with sodium. These negatively charged ions ‘grab onto’ the positively charged minerals and remove them from the water.

Later on, the entire system is flushed out or regenerated. During this process, highly concentrated brine leaves the brine tank and is flushed down the drain.

Eco-Friendly Soft Water Solutions – No Longer Have the Hardest Water!

Whether your locale wins the official title of ‘City with the Hardest Water’ or not, living or working with hard water is not a pleasant experience. Neither is having a soft water solution that actually creates more problems elsewhere. But, that’s exactly what salt-based residential and commercial water softeners do.

When water softeners discharge their brine, the surrounding environment becomes contaminated with salt. Too much salt can lead to a host of problems including reduced plant growth, harm to animals and aquatic life, and changes in soil permeability.

Fortunately, there IS an eco-friendly soft water solution: the Salt Miner! This device can be retrofitted onto any water softener or brine source. It effectively ‘mines’ or collects the used salt before it gets discharged down the drain and into the environment. The salt waste can then be recycled or properly disposed of, controlling salt contamination at its source AND providing a great way to enjoy all the benefits of soft water.

For more information on how the Salt Miner works or how to invest in this environmentally friendly solution, contact us today!

The Salt Miner is working to REMOVE salt before it enters our wastewater system!

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